Friday, June 4, 2010


cucumber or vellarikai(in tamil) is a well known veggie that most of us like and we usually make salads and raiths with them, but this is the cucumber which is cooked in coconut gravy with curd is called pachadi and with traditional kerala twist it is called kichadi. though very easy to prepare its more delicious to have, and is the prime side dish in almost all kerala "sadya". the preparation is as just as easy as it involves only 3 steps

1.cucumber - medium sizes ( chopped into small pieces)
3.turmeric (optional)

for masala to be ground
1.curd - 1 1/2cups
2.ginger- 1/2 inch chilli - 2-3
4.mustard - 1tsp
5. coconut - 1/2cup

coconut oil
curry leaves
red chilli

1.cook the cucmber till it is done 3/4th with salt and turmeric, (those who prefer the kichadi to be white in colour can avoid turmeric)
2.Now ground the ingerdients for masla into a coarse form and mix it with the vegetable and allow to cook them in small flame for about 5 - 7mts.
3.Finally prepare the seasoning seperately with the ingredients mentioned and add to the kichadi.
4.Kichadi is ready to be served.